Stockholm-based visual artist Klara Fowler captures emotions, intimacy and expression. Featured in Vogue and Vanity fair, in the recent years, Fowler's work includes fashion editorials, fine art projects and portraiture - her work centered around  a dreamy representation of male sensuality and self-expression through the female gaze.

Fowler's fine art projects showcase her interest in self-discovery, the uncanny and beauty with an imaginative approach.  Over all, Fowler's visual lense is a dream-like utopic representation of beauty and ideas that she continues to explore through different themes and projects. 

Publications:   Marie Claire Hungary, British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vanity Teen, Know Magazine, MOEVIR, Marika Magazine, WGFX, L'Effronte Journal, GAFFA, ELLE Hungary, Boylicious Magazine, The Men Style BR

Photo: Jahn Hall

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